A new innovative partnership to launch Terbium-161 production line

TerThera and Comecer have agreed on the purchase of a complete custom production line for manufacturing Terbium-161 under the highest quality standards. This is an exciting opportunity for Comecer to have a major impact on increasing the availability of Terbium-161, a radionuclide with a major potential for cancer treatments. 

Terbium-161 is a highly promising radionuclide for radioligand therapy (RLT) which has the potential to improve anti-tumor capabilities for primary and (micro) metastasized cancers.
Carrier-free Tb-161 is produced by neutron activation and exhibits comparable chemical characteristics to known radio lanthanides, while also exhibiting Auger electron emissions, allowing for ease of implementation and potential for improved performance.


We are honored to be working with TerThera on a new production line for Terbium-161 and witnessing Terbium-161 emerging as an esthablished radionuclide in targeted radionuclide therapy.


About TerThera

Founded in 2021, TerThera strives to meet the growing global demand for radionuclides in cancer healthcare by providing a highly sustainable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 for use in radioligand therapy.

The scarcity of radionuclides for use in radioligand therapy impacts the lives of many cancer patients, with a secured stock of highly enriched gadolinium-160 our team promises to deliver therapeutic quantities of GMP-grade Terbium-161, expanding the options available for patient treatments.

Having resolved the scarcity of Terbium-161, we aim to enable Terbium-161 radioligand therapy by supporting academic partners, preclinical, and clinical research towards patient treatment, ultimately working towards understanding the underlying mechanisms of internal radiation therapy


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