Oncology Compounding

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Oncology Compounding

Compounded medications are prescription-based personalized doses, in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by a specific patient.
With the possibility of compounding, each patient can receive a customized medication to meet his/her own specific needs.

Challenges in Oncology Compounding

The preparation of anticancer therapies is challenging for several reasons.

Clinical RISK

Accuracy: the medications are extremely toxic for the patient and therefore need to be managed with extreme accuracy in order to allow efficacy without overtreatment. For this reason when these drugs are compounded manually, human factors such as interruptions, fatigue, and memory lapse are recognized in clinical literature to contribute to preparation errors.

Sterility: as these drugs are destined to be injected into patients, contamination of patient drug preparations can result in serious injury and patient mortality.

Safety of Health Professionals

Toxicity: as they are highly toxic, the health of the operators managing daily tens of preparations need to be protected at maximum level. Any spillage, aerosol, direct contact with the operator must be avoided and, in case it happens, the operator must be sufficiently protected.


No residuals: anticancer medications are extremely costly. For this reason, savings in preparation, waste reductions and avoidance or minimization of unused portions of a bottle of active principle are important.

Our oncology compounding solutions provide these benefits:

  • Patient safety

    Maximum sterility

    Top class disinfection

    Prescription cross-check

  • Operator protection

    High containment technology
    No direct operator manipulation
    Separate waste system

  • Accuracy

    Accurate gravimetric dosage system

  • Savings

    No residuals
    Less errors

Comecer's solutions suitable for Oncology Compounding



PHARMODUCT, the Automatic Compounding System

It is an automated and patented device for the sterile preparation of personalised oncology drugs, including chemotherapy and biologicals.

Radiopharmaceutical Multidose Injector by Comecer



IRIS, the Radiopharmaceutical Multidose Injector

It is a radiopharmaceutical injector that performs calibrated injections to patients, starting from a multi-dose solution of FDG or other radiopharmaceuticals.

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